The SoberFit Committee

For inquiries, please call our toll free hotline – 1-888-631-2811.

Kyle Midgley

Owner, Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor

Kyle launched Sober Fit 1 in 2019 in Old Bridge, NJ. Since then, he has expanded his program’s success to Sober Fit 2 which launched in 2021 in Clinton, NJ. In addition to his role as the owner of the facility, Kyle’s personal experience with 8 years of sobriety and his professional credentials in recovery, make him a bedrock to this community.

Russell Hardy

Operations Manager

Russell is a Certified Recovery Specialist and has successfully run the day to day operations of Sober Fit 1 since 2019. Russell is a drug court graduate with 5 years of sobriety and brings his professional and personal experience in providing structure to the facility.

Samantha Russell


Samantha is a client consultant providing the help and resources needed in finding gainful employment as well as renewing and establishing important life credentials such as driver’s licenses, health insurance, and more.

Richard Meurer

Volunteer Sponsor and Mentor

Rich brings the support and wisdom that comes from over 32 years of sobriety along with his deep roots in the local sponsorship, mentorship, and business community.

Patrick Vitale

Administrative & Financial, Volunteer Sponsor and Mentor

Along with volunteering his time for administrative work at Sober Fit 2, Patrick is an area local with roots in the local sponsorship and mentorship community and nearly 5 years of sobriety.

Tim Zakresky

Volunteer Sponsor and Mentor

With over 25 years of sobriety, and deep roots in the local sponsorship and mentorship community, Tim volunteers his time to support those living in Sober Fit 2 and beyond.